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Honda Jet


Honda Jet has really been secretive about what they have been up to, but last July 2005 they broke their silence and made a brief 4 hour appearance at Oshkosh AirVenture.
With an impressive "fly by", and an excellent technical
briefing by Michimasa Fujino the Vice President of Honda R&D Americas (project leader), they left many of us excited to see the real article, and much excited about what they are doing.
Their aerodynamics are impressive and recently in
March 2006 they have  achieved great fuel effeciency
flight testing at 43,000 ft.

HONDA JET:  RETURNS to Airventure 2006
and  Honda is NOW TAKING ORDERS for Jet
will team up with PIPER AIRCRAFT.     
                                        See My Photos: Honda Jet Slide Show
Oshkosh Airventure 2005 Photos
Honda Jet TV Commercial VIDEO

See Honda's "Rollout" & "Flight Test" VIDEO

Honda Turbine Engines: In July of 2004, Honda establishes a new U.S. subsidiary, Honda Aero, Inc., to focus on the aviation engine business in the U.S. Also, Honda establishes the Wako Nishi R&D Center in Japan, dedicated to R&D of aviation engines.
And in October of 2004, General Electric acquired Honda Aero, and established GE Honda Aero Engines LLC, to pursue the launch of Honda's HF118 turbofan engine in the light business jet market.

Note: The small turbine engine market to replace piston engines is huge. Whoever can make turbine engines smaller, fuel efficient, light weight, and manufacture them at low cost with high reliability, will make a fortune and be a huge success!

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